Playing a Musical Instrument

10 Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Can you imagine a life without music? How would the world be? What would life be like?

Only cheap talk, politics and advertisements on TV and radio, quiet bars and nightclubs, sermon after sermon in church, boring nights in the countryside, cold festivals…

While not every one of us can be a lead singer in a band or the best violinist in an orchestra, driven by passion one can master the basics of their favorite musical instrument.

In Kenya, there are many musical instruments to choose from. If you are attracted to the African Culture, a traditional musical instrument like Kora, Orutu or Nyatiti would suit you best. For the modern Kenyan, Strings of a Guitar, Violin, or Cello would smoother you.

That said, I know you are wondering, “Why would I want to play a musical instrument anyway?” If you are the one asking this question, below are 15 answers to your “WHY?”.

List of Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

  • It increases discipline and results in a creative mind
  • Playing an instrument makes you smarter
  • It is a fun and cool hobby
  • Playing an instrument relieves stress
  • Practicing a musical instrument improves patience
  • Playing an instrument gives you a sense of achievement
  • A musical instrument can improve your social life
  • It builds your confidence
  • It helps improve your memory
  • Playing a Musical Instrument is one of the best forms of Meditation.

Albert Einstein on Classical Music

“Life without playing music is inconceivable for me.” “I live my daydreams in music, I see my life in terms of music.” “If I were not a physicist I would probably be a musician.” “Life is like a Piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it.” ~ Albert Einstein

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