Top 5 New Artists in the Kenyan Music Industry nadia mukami and masauti

Top 5 New Artists in the Kenyan Music Industry 2019

5 New Artists taking over the Kenyan music industry.

The Kenyan music industry has been bubbling of late. New music videos on our screens every day accompanied by melodious catchy tunes. Established artists such as Khaligraph Jones, Sauti Sol, and Otile Brown are keeping up the pace.

There’s also a new crop of artists taking over (or are about to) the airwaves. They bring in new energy and sound to our ears and we are loving it.

Here are my top 5 new Kenyan Music artists in 2019;

#1 Masauti.

Well, he is not necessarily ‘new’ in the industry. Mohammed Ali Said aka Masauti has been in the industry since 2014 but 2019 has been his breakthrough year.

His hit song “Kiboko” has been a revelation and the remix with Kaligraph Jones blew up the charts. Masauti’s latest Song “Ipepete” has been well received and is rocking the airwaves.

His Melodious voice and smooth Swahili is his charm. I liken him to Otile Brown and see them competing for the same space in the music industry in the future. We also wouldn’t mind a collabo!!

Top 5 New Artists in the Kenyan Music Industry masauti

#2 Bensoul.

Benson Mutuka aka Bensoul is a soulful (pun intended) singer. Just like Masauti he has been in the Kenyan music scene for a while. The year 2019 has been his breakthrough with a big part played by Sol Generation Records.

He was previously known for his songwriting prowess putting pen to paper on hits like ‘N’tala Nawe’ and ‘Telenovela’.

Sauti Sol sponsored, Sol Generation Records has boosted Bensouls career tenfold. His latest songs ‘Lucy’ and ‘Favourite song’ produced under the label have received great acclaim.

Due to his songwriting skills, I think he is here to stay. He will share the same space and fanbase with his mentors Sauti Sol as their music style is similar.

#3 Nadia Mukami

Well to be honest with you, no one saw Nadia Mukami coming. She just blew up out of nowhere. Her song ‘si rahisi’ which explains the plight of an up and coming musician was her breakthrough in 2018. Since then she hasn’t looked back.

Her bubbly personality has endeared her to many people, now fans. She has a whopping 215,000 followers which shows how much of an influence she has grown to be.

Musically she is soaring high. Her repertoire includes ‘Yule Yule, ‘African Lover’ and collabos; ‘Radio Love’ ft Arrow Bwoy ‘Lola’ ft Masauti. She will most likely take after Avril.

#4 Bey T

If you probably haven’t heard her yet, you need to update your playlist. Fairplay, I heard about her 2 weeks ago myself so you are not too late. Still, update your playlist and include Bey T songs, that’s what I did.

Her music style is something you haven’t heard of (from a Kenyan musician). She is a breath of fresh air to the Kenyan Music scene. She has mad flow but can sing as well. Her hit songs include: ‘bad bad’, ‘wololo’ ‘facetime’ (am tempted to include her diss track on this list but I will let it pass.)

Due to her unique style, I can’t compare her to any established artists, but the likes of Femi One and Noti Flow should be worried. (more like scared.)

#5 Nikita Kering

Saved the best for last. Nikita is Adales reincarnate. She just blows everyone away with her voice. At just 17years her music career has taken off. Her latest song ‘Tragedy’ is a masterpiece on domestic violence. The video, the lyrics, the audio production is just on a whole new level.

Did I say she won an award at just 16 years? Last year Nikita scooped PMVA new artist of the year award after releasing her first single ‘Happy with you’.

Side note on Kenyan Music and Artists

Personally, I am excited that the Kenyan industry has such a talent in their hands. If well managed, Nikita might be the first Artist to go commercial on the world scope. We have conquered Africa with the likes of KAlamashaka, Sauti Sol and Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, its time we take on the world.

I intentionally left out groups in this article.

Watch out for a similar article, Ethic is the best of the new “Mbogi ya Kimonyoski” Music style.

Who is your best new Artist in Kenya? Leave a comment below.

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